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Top Things to Look at When Choosing a Dentist

Choosing the right dentist

Dental problems are one of the most common issues faced by almost everyone. Dental treatments may go on for long periods, hence it is important to find yourself the perfect dentist. You need to find someone whom you can trust to guide you genuinely about the treatment that you essentially need, so that your dentist can become your lifelong ally in creating a healthy mouth free of disease. Here are some tips to keep in mind while choosing a dentist, to make sure you choose the right doctor!

Location and Convenience: Most dental treatments are a lengthy affair and involve multiple appointments, so it is best to find a dentist or a dental office closer to your home or workplace. This would ensure that you do not have to waste a lot of time on your commute to the clinic, especially if you are in need of urgent care. Extent of Training and Clinical Experience: It is important to research beforehand about the credentials of a prospective dentist. Degrees, training that he/she has and clinical experience matter a lot. Some dentists are trained in specialized fields and have expertise in particular areas of dentistry. For example, an endodontist is an expert in Root Canal Treatment so you would want to go to them if you need one.

Services Offered: Make sure to find out the various services offered by the dental

clinic, subject to availability of specialist dentists, equipment's, etc. New Technologies: You may research or find out if the particular dentist’s office

provide technologically advanced treatment and use advanced modalities like -Digital

x-rays, CBCT, CAD-CAM, Rotary endodontics, Piezosurgery, etc. Technology not only

makes the treatment more comfortable but also faster and more accurate. Availability During Emergency: At times of any dental emergency, you would

want to see your dentist, so make sure to find out the availability of your dentist and the

hours of operation of the dental office. Some dental offices also have dental staffs

available in case of emergency, when the doctor isn’t around.

Telehealth Facilities: Enquire if the dental office or the dentist provide telehealth facilities in case of emergency. There may be some instances, when you might be in

severe pain, and might need to consult your dentist immediately. Your dentist must be

available to at least attend your calls or consult you on telehealth services(through video

calls or telehealth apps) if not in person. Proper Sterilization: This is an important factor to consider especially after the

pandemic. The sterilization protocols of instruments used, maintaining proper hygiene of the surroundings and the equipment's, usage of PPEs, masks, drape and other protective gear for clinician and patient both must be considered. Patient Reviews: The best way to find out the credibility of a dentist is to check out

the reviews of the prospective dentist on their website or google page. A good response

from patients could indicate a good reputation and skills. You may also get a referral

from your family or friends about their dentist based on their experience, that would

provide a more reliable source.



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