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Are you suffering from gum problems?

Do you have crooked or irregularly placed teeth?

Do you maintain a perfect oral hygiene routine, yet suffer from bleeding gums and other periodontal issues??

Needless to say, maintaining a meticulous oral hygiene regime is essential to a healthy mouth devoid of any dental or gum diseases. But sometimes, despite impeccable oral hygiene maintenance, gum diseases may be present even when there are no underlying medical conditions. Not many people are aware of the fact that misaligned or irregularly placed teeth may be the root cause of many gum problems like bleeding gums, receding gum line, swollen and painful gums, etc. These are indicative of inflammation of the gums that may progress to periodontal diseases, if left unchecked, causing mobile or wobbly teeth in the presence of other systemic conditions or poor oral hygiene.

How does it happen?

Crooked or crowded teeth are prone to gum disease. This is because it is difficult to clean the overlapping surfaces of the teeth, which cause plaque accumulation in those inaccessible corners. Eventually, this leads to a buildup of bacteria causing gum diseases.

Orthodontic treatment or treatment with braces is the solution to align the crowded teeth, However traditional metal braces can themselves cause gum problems because of the inability to reach all nooks and cranny of your teeth while brushing. This leads to plaque deposits and inflammation of gums. Plaque and bacteria cause our gums to loosen leading to more serious periodontal issues.

Invisalign brings you an option to correct your irregularly arranged teeth with the help of clear aligners or transparent trays that are removable. The good news is not only are your braces completely invisible, but they also help you improve your gum health !!!

But how does Invisalign improve your gum health???

It’s simple!!

  • Invisalign treatment is performed using clear, removable trays. Hence you can remove them while eating, eliminating the chance of food getting stuck in your teeth like they do with the metal wires and braces in traditional orthodontic treatment.

  • Good oral care is the greatest secret for healthy gums. Since you can remove the Invisalign retainers, you can now brush and floss meticulously and clean your teeth efficiently, maintaining a good oral hygiene

  • Crowded teeth are difficult to clean even without braces and thus cause plaque buildup. But with Invisalign, as the teeth gradually move into their new alignment, it becomes easier to clean them efficiently with normal tooth brushing improving your oral hygiene. You can keep taking good care of your teeth even while your teeth are being straightened with Invisalign.

Various studies performed by researchers have shown great improvement in gum health with Invisalign treatment. However, this is only possible in conjunction with religious cleaning and flossing.

There are several reasons to choose Invisalign. These braces are literally invisible, very comfortable to wear, hassle-free, plus provide you great looking teeth albeit, without the social embarrassment that you always believed to be associated with braces !!

Choose Invisalign Today, for a dazzling, million-dollar smile!!


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