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A Breath of Fresh Air using HEPA Air Purifier Filters

Mystic Pointe Dental is committed to the health and safety of our patients and team members. We follow stringent sterilization protocols throughout the entire office, and as an added safety precaution we've introduced Austin HEPA Air Purifiers. Rest assured that you're breathing fresh and clean air during your time with us.



Eliminate airborne infectious agents

Bacterial, viral and fungal particles are introduced into the air in the course of treating patients. The human mouth can harbor more than 350 different types of bacteria. Drilling into teeth, bones, and tissues can disperse microbes from saliva and blood into the air. These fine droplets can stay airborne for hours, creating a source of potential infection for staff and patients alike.

Eliminate bio-aerosols

Ultrasonic instruments and the constant need to disinfect surfaces create bio-aerosols that decrease air quality. These particles, along with fine and ultra-fine particles, reach deep into lungs and can be absorbed into the bloodstream, which is unhealthy for patients and even worse for the dental professionals who are exposed to these particles every day.

Eliminate odours, chemicals and VOC’s

Mercury vapors can enter the air when amalgam fillings are removed. These vapors and other odours present in most dental practices can be a major source of patient anxiety.

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